4 Inch Lift Kit - Jeep Wrangler TJ (03-06) Wrangler Unlimited (04-06) - 90730

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Features & Benefits:

  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle
  • Coil springs are based on OEM spring rates for a stock ride quality
  • Solid tubular transfer case drop maintains proper driveshaft angles to avoid vibrations
  • Control arms include durable OEM style rubber bushings
  • Includes application valved N3 series shock absorbers which offer the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use.

Associated Comments:

  • Automatic transmission models may require a SYE & CV Drive Shaft to fix driveline vibrations, adjustable lower control arms (# 1190, may also be required in conjunction with the SYE and CV Drive Shaft.

Additional Attributes:

  • GTIN: 00843030125813
  • Front Components: Lifted coil springs, Lower fixed control arms, Extended sway-bar links, Transfer case drop kit, Hardware
  • Install Time: 6-8 hours
  • Rear Components: Lifted coil springs, Lower fixed control arms, Extended sway-bar links, Track bar drop bracket, Hardware
  • Tire Wheel and Offset Info: 33x12.50R15:15x8:5x4.5:-22:-; 33x12.50R15:15x8:5x4.5:-19:-; 33x12.50R15:15x8:5x4.5:-18:-; 33x12.50R15:15x8:5x4.5:-12:-; 33x12.50R15:15x8:5x4.5:-6:-; 33x12.50R15:15x10:5x4.5:-45:-; 33x12.50R15:15x10:5x4.5:+0:-; 33x12.50R15:15x10:5x4.5:+12:-; 33x12.50R15:15x10:5x4.5:+13:-; 33x12.50R16:16x8:5x4.5:+0:-; 305 70R16:16x8:5x4.5:+0:-; 33x12.50R16:16x8:5x4.5:+1:-; 305 70R16:16x8:5x4.5:+1:-; 33x12.50R16:16x8:5x4.5:+6:-; 305 70R16:16x8:5x4.5:+6:-; 33x12.50R16:16x10:5x4.5:-19:-; 33x12.50R16:16x10:5x4.5:-18:-; 33x12.50R16:16x10:5x4.5:+0:-; 33x12.50R16:16x10:5x4.5:+1:-; 33x12.50R16:16x10:5x4.5:+12:-; 33x12.50R16:16x10:5x4.5:+13:-; 285 70R17:17x8.5:5x4.5:-12:-; 305 70R17:17x8.5:5x4.5:+0:-; 285 70R17:17x8.5:5x4.5:+0:-; 305 70R17:17x8.5:5x4.5:+1:-; 33x12.50R17:17x9:5x4.5:-12:-; 305 70R17:17x9:5x4.5:-12:-; 285 70R17:17x9:5x4.5:-12:-; 305 70R17:17x9:5x4.5:+0:-; 33x12.50R17:17x9:5x4.5:+1:-; 305 70R17:17x9:5x4.5:+1:-; 285 70R17:17x9:5x4.5:+1:-; 33x12.50R18:18x8.5:5x4.5:+0:-; 305 65R18:18x8.5:5x4.5:+0:-; 33x12.50R18:18x9:5x4.5:+0:-; 305 65R18:18x9:5x4.5:+0:-; 33x12.50R18:18x10:5x4.5:-19:-; 33x12.50R18:18x10:5x4.5:-18:-; 33x12.50R18:18x10:5x4.5:+0:-; 33x12.50R18:18x10:5x4.5:+1:-; 33x12.50R18:18x10:5x4.5:+12:-; 33x12.50R18:18x10:5x4.5:+13:-; 33x12.50R20:20x9:5x4.5:-12:-; 305 55R20:20x9:5x4.5:-12:-; 295 60R20:20x9:5x4.5:-12:-; 285 55R20:20x9:5x4.5:-12:-; 33x12.50R20:20x9:5x4.5:+0:-; 305 55R20:20x9:5x4.5:+0:-; 33x12.50R20:20x9:5x4.5:+1:-; 305 55R20:20x9:5x4.5:+1:-; 33x12.50R20:20x9:5x4.5:+12:-; 33x12.50R20:20x10:5x4.5:-25:-; 33x12.50R20:20x10:5x4.5:-24:-; 33x12.50R20:20x10:5x4.5:-19:-; 305 55R20:20x10:5x4.5:-19:-; 295 60R20:20x10:5x4.5:-19:-; 285 55R20:20x10:5x4.5:-19:-; 33x12.50R20:20x10:5x4.5:-18:-; 305 55R20:20x10:5x4.5:-18:-; 295 60R20:20x10:5x4.5:-18:-; 285 55R20:20x10:5x4.5:-18:-

Extended Information:

  • Emissions : Emissions Compliance Exempt
  • Life Cycle Status: Available To Order


  • Quantity of Each: 1
  • Package UOM: EA
  • Dimension: x x inches