3.5 Inch Lift Kit - Vertex - Rear Mono Leaf - Chevy Silverado 1500 (22-24) - 28250

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Features & Benefits:

  • Lifts and levels the front of the vehicle with the rear
  • Front Lift: 3.5in
  • Rear Lift: 2.5in Increased ground clearance
  • Includes forged aluminum control arms
  • Control arms include POM ball joints for a greater range of motion and easier installation
  • Ball joints are pre-installed to ease installation
  • Fabricated lift blocks are stronger and offer a longer lifespan than cast blocks
  • Optional N3 Loaded Struts Includes pre-loaded coil
  • Maintains smooth

Associated Comments:

  • ONLY fit models equipped with rear mono-leaf springs. (Please see below.) This kit ONLY fits 2022+ Chevy Refresh models with the production date on or after 03/22. Does NOT fit Trailboss models. Does NOT fit GMC AT4. Does NOT fit models with Adaptive Ride Control. Strut replacement options will NOT work on diesel models. Does NOT fit "Classic" models. (2018 body style) Does NOT fit models equipped with multi-leaf pack. This kit ONLY fits models equipped with composite leaf springs.

Additional Attributes:

  • GTIN: 00840269923906
  • Front Components: Vertex Coilovers, Sway Bar Drop Brackets, Forged Aluminum Upper Control Arms, Hardware
  • Install Time: 5-6 hours
  • Rear Components: 2.5in fabricated lift blocks, U-bolts, Hardware
  • Tire Wheel and Offset Info: 295 55R20:Factory 20:6x5.5:-:0.25 Spacer; 285 60R20:Factory 20:6x5.5:-:-; 285 45R22:Factory 22:6x5.5:-:-; 33x12.50R20:20x9:6x5.5:-12:Trimming Required; 305 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:-12:Minor Trimming; 295 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:-12:-; 285 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:-12:-; 33x12.50R20:20x9:6x5.5:+0:-; 305 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+0:-; 295 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+0:-; 285 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+0:-; 33x12.50R20:20x9:6x5.5:+1:-; 305 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+1:-; 295 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+1:-; 285 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+1:-; 33x12.50R20:20x9:6x5.5:+18:-; 305 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+18:-; 295 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+18:-; 285 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+18:-; 33x12.50R20:20x9:6x5.5:+20:-; 305 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+20:-; 295 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+20:-; 285 55R20:20x9:6x5.5:+20:-; 33x12.50R20:20x10:6x5.5:-25:Trimming Required; 305 55R20:20x10:6x5.5:-25:Trimming Required; 285 55R20:20x10:6x5.5:-25:-; 33x12.50R20:20x10:6x5.5:-24:Trimming Required; 305 55R20:20x10:6x5.5:-24:Trimming Required; 285 55R20:20x10:6x5.5:-24:-; 33x12.50R20:20x10:6x5.5:-19:Trimming Required; 305 55R20:20x10:6x5.5:-19:Trimming Required; 285 55R20:20x10:6x5.5:-19:-; 33x12.50R20:20x10:6x5.5:-18:Trimming Required; 305 55R20:20x10:6x5.5:-18:Trimming Required; 285 55R20:20x10:6x5.5:-18:-; 33x12.50R22:22x10:6x5.5:-25:Trimming Required; 33x12.50R22:22x10:6x5.5:-24:Trimming Required; 33x12.50R22:22x10:6x5.5:-19:Trimming Required; 33x12.50R22:22x10:6x5.5:-18:Trimming Required

Extended Information:

  • Emissions : Emissions Compliance Exempt
  • Life Cycle Status: Available To Order


  • Quantity of Each: 1
  • Package UOM: EA
  • Dimension: x x inches