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Your System Your Way!

We live in a region known for our frigid, snowy winters – ranking top five in the country in snowfalls and temperatures averaging below 30 degrees more than four months of the year. Not only do we get cold weather, but it gets hot here as well, with temperatures that rise above 90 degrees. Remote start is a coveted accessory during the winter months, but it also has benefits that last the entire year. With a remote start you can get your car to that perfect temperature during any season prior to getting in.

Factory Key Activation - 3 Times Lock (Qualifying Models Only) (+$0.00)

Some vehicles will allow us to use your factory key to start the vehicle by pressing the lock button 3 time in a row. This has the range of the factory key fob at the distance you can lock the doors.

1 Way Remotes (Up to 1/4 mile Range) (+$50)

Add range with our one way remote kits to start your vehicle from up to a ¼ mile away. This Kit comes with two remotes and a range extending antenna to give you better distance than the factory key. Small.jpg


Control : 2 Way Remotes (Up to 1 mile) (+$150)

2 way long range kits will start your vehicle from up to a mile away! A 2 way remote start communicates in both directions, a signal to the vehicle and a return signal to your remote that confirms the vehicle started.


Control : 2 Way LCD (Up to 1 mile) (+$180)

The 2 Way LCD shares all of the same benefits of the standard 2 Way remote option with a few extra built in features. The LCD display can share vehicle status information like run time, door lock status and alarm notifications when paired with the upgraded security system.


Control : SmartStart (Based of Cell Service) (+$234)

SmartStart devices use the latest GPS and LTE cellular technology to connect you to your vehicle from nearly anywhere in the world! SmartStart products require an active subscription plan to track, monitor, and receive alerts related to your vehicle.

When you activate a new SmartStart device, the following special offers are included.

30 days of FREE GPS Premium Service on a Trial basis!

1 year of FREE Basic Service!

Paid Subscription required after trial period.


Security: (+$100)

Try pairing your remote start system with an add-on security and alarm upgrade kit including the following features:

  • Digital shock/tilt sensor: This sensor detects bumps, vibrations, and tilting of the vehicle, which can trigger the alarm if the vehicle is tampered with.
  • Six-tone siren: This siren provides a loud and attention-grabbing sound to deter thieves and alert others to a possible theft.

Starter Kill : Yes (+$60)

A starter kill, also known as an ignition kill switch, is an anti-theft device that prevents a vehicle's engine from starting by interrupting the flow of electricity to the starter motor. Starter kills are typically installed in hidden locations on a vehicle, making them difficult for thieves to find and disable. They are activated automatically by locking the vehicle. Protect your investment: A starter kill can help to protect your investment in your vehicle by preventing it from being stolen or damaged.

*Some exclusions based on vehicle year, make, and model. Make sure to check with us before placing an order.

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