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Give Your Vehicle a Functional Style Upgrade

Most new truck owners ask these questions: What are truck fender flares, and do I need them? If you are in the market for a new truck or would like to give your current truck an upgrade, we strongly recommend that you consider installing fender flares. Fender flares are an aftermarket accessory that will become an extension of your truck. They can be fitted directly over the wheel well and are usually contoured to the body lines of your vehicle’s make and model.

What are Fender Flares?

Fender flares are custom accessories that extend from your truck's body around the wheel well. They serve both aesthetic and practical purposes, enhancing the vehicle's appearance while providing protection against road debris. Whether your style leans toward the bold and rugged or the understated and sleek, there's a fender flare to suit your preference. These additions are not just for show; they offer real protection for your vehicle’s sides from mud, rocks, sand, and other elements that can cause damage over time.

What are Fender Flares for?

1. Enhance your truck’s design and style. There are many different options of fender flares to achieve the look you desire for your truck, ranging from more aggressive and rugged to sleek and low-profile. Adding fender flares is an easy modification that will give you an instant change.

2. Protect your truck’s exterior. Fender flares prevent the wheels of your truck from throwing up mud, rocks, sand, liquids, or other road debris. Without any protection, as debris continues to hit your truck, the surface of your vehicle will be damaged. Flares will keep your vehicle cleaner as well as protect its exterior paint.

Fender flares are available in many different styles. Some are paintable to match your vehicle’s paint color while others are black. Pocket-style fender guards are flexible and maintain their style over time. Wide flares are designed to cover the entire tread of your tire. If you are not sure which type of fender flare is right for your vehicle, the accessory specialists at D&S Automotive will help you explore the available options.

Visit the D&S Showroom: Your Go-To for Truck Accessories

Situated in Mentor, Ohio, D&S Automotive is the ultimate destination for all truck accessory needs in Northeast Ohio. From tonneau covers to truck lift kits, they’ve got you covered. Their showroom is stocked with renowned brands such as XD Series, Rough Country, Raptor Series.

If you’re seeking a transformation from ordinary to extraordinary for your truck, D&S Automotive is the place to be. Their team of experts will guide you to choose the best accessories tailored to your needs.
When it comes to accessorizing your truck, trust only the best. Let D&S Automotive do the work, and you’ll see why they are Lake County’s top shop for everything truck-related.

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