Rhino Linings FAQs

7th Dec 2023 by Posted by D&S Automotive

Who does Rhino Lining near me?

If you’re in the Northeast Ohio area, the place to come for a Rhino truck bed liner is D&S Automotive. We were the first authorized Rhino Lining applicator in Lake County, and we have done a ton of Rhino Liner installations in the Cleveland area. With three locations in Northeast Ohio in Mentor, East Mentor, and Chardon and over 40 years of experience, you can trust us to complete any bodywork or car accessory modifications you need including Rhino Liner application.

How much does a Rhino bed liner cost?

If you’re considering getting your truck bed lined, you probably want to know the cost to Rhino line a truck bed. Well, it’s the answer that you’re not going to want to hear: it depends. The Rhino bed liner price depends on a couple of factors like truck bed length, size, and more. For example, having a Rhino-lined Silverado may cost more than a Rhino-lined Ranger due to the larger size of the truck bed. However, we can tell you that the application starts at around $500. For a more accurate price, please reach out for an estimate.

What is the Rhino Liner application process?

The Rhino Lining application is an intense process that involves many steps like prepping the truck bed and tailgate among other truck prep, handling a highly involved spray-on process that requires much attention to detail, getting the truck back together, and more. We won’t bore you with the rest of the details, but it is a lengthy process. Luckily, because we are skilled and experienced in the process, it only takes about 4-6 hours in our hands before you’ll be back on the road with your amazing new truck liner.

How long will it take to get a Rhino spray-in bed liner installed?

It doesn’t take long when you work with D&S Automotive! At D&S, it takes around 4-6 hours for installation, and we offer next business day installation if an appointment is made before 3 p.m. on the previous business day. When you’re ready to get a rhino cover for your truck bed, we’re ready to install it right away.

Can I apply a Rhino Liner myself?

While it is possible to attempt to apply a Rhino Lining spray-on bed liner yourself, there are more than a few problems you may run into that can make it a tough job. This is why we don’t recommend taking it on for yourself. You will need some specific equipment, a certain type of space, and technical know-how that requires a professional skill set that most people don’t have unless they do Rhino Lining installations themselves.

Rhino Lining spray-on bed liners provide the highest level of impact and corrosion protection on the market today for your truck bed, truck grill guards, bumpers and rocker panels. It can protect your investment for years to come, and let’s face it: your truck is going to look pretty sweet with that beautiful coating of protection in place! If you are a “truck guy,” you probably do a lot of work yourself. You may have even painted your truck yourself or done some bodywork. What most people in that position find out is that proper application of a Rhino Linings cover is complex and not something a layman should attempt on their own. If you are not familiar with that type of work, the Rhino Lining application process might not exactly be the best way for you to dip your toes into this kind of project which is why it’s better to leave it to the experts.

What is the Rhino Liner warranty?

When you have a Rhino Liner installed at D&S Automotive, you will have a lifetime warranty against defects, workmanship, and materials. That’s a pretty great warranty on your Rhino bed cover!

Have more questions on Rhino Linings?

Reach out – we’re always willing to discuss any questions you may have. Call us at 440-946-2178 to speak with an Accessory Specialist.

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