Is There a Downside to Installing Aftermarket Heated Seats Yourself?

10th Dec 2023 by Posted by D&S Automotive

Heated Seats

You Ask, and We Answer Your Questions About the Risks of Installing Heated Seats in Your Vehicle.

Q: I should have gotten heated seats when I bought my car, but I didn’t. I want to get them now, but someone told me that that can be risky. Is there a downside to installing aftermarket heated seats?” – TA, Painesville Township, Ohio

A: There is no better feeling than getting in your car on a crisp Cleveland morning and having your posterior and back warmed by a heated seat. When there is lake effect snow on the ground and a chill in the air, you need any motivation you can find to get into your car and begin the ride to work, and sometimes that heated seat can do the trick! In your case, you didn’t think about that on that warm July day when you were test driving your new vehicle. You want to do the aftermarket upgrade now, so let’s talk about the risks of installing aftermarket seat warmers in your vehicle.

They Can Be Difficult to Install on Your Own.

One of the biggest risks of buying heated seats and then trying to install them yourself is that it isn’t an easy task. Your seat cushion is often glued in place and you can damage it when you try to install your seat yourself. There is a big difference between installing a heated seat in place and having it be a comfortable seat once you are done.

If Improperly Installed, You Can Have Sensor Issues.

One of the most common reasons today’s modern cars end up in the shop is to repair or replace a sensor. An improperly installed heated seat kit can drive your seat belt sensor crazy, and that can result in a trip to the shop. That decreases the return on investment for that heated seat kit quite a bit.

Improper Wiring Can Result in Fire and Electrical Damage.

At the end of the day, anything involving wiring work inside your vehicle should be left to the pros. You can short your electrical system and cause expensive damage if you don’t do it correctly. Not only is there a financial risk, but you could be putting your safety in harm’s way as well!

Doing It Yourself Isn’t Exactly Cheap.

A good heated seat kit is going to cost you somewhere between $175 and $400 if you purchase it yourself, and then you still have the hassle of installation. At D&S, our installs start at $350, and we take all the work on ourselves. You are protected by our satisfaction guarantee, and you know that it’s going to come out the way you want it.

The bottom line is that this project is like many other vehicle accessory projects. Could you do it yourself? Maybe. Would it be worth it? Probably not. If you are looking for heated seat installation in the Mentor, Ohio area, take it to the pros at D&S Automotive. Contact us today for a quote and let’s make sure you don’t spend another winter morning lamenting that cold ride to work!

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